Prairie Fire Organizing Committee

prairie fire organizing committee

a single spark can start a prairie fire
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"Power concedes nothing without a struggle"   -Frederick Douglas

Prairie Fire Organizing Committee is a grassroots activist organization that has worked for social change since 1975. We want to live in a world which has a just distribution of resources and a political system based on empowerment, participation and responsibility.

To achieve this goal requires building a strong movement. It is a long-term endeavor that demands organization, commitment and a collective process. For us, educational forums, street demonstrations and a range of creative actions are all part of developing a powerful and collective mass movement. We invite you to read this brochure and learn more about us.

We oppose oppression in all its forms including racism, sexism, homophobia, classism and imperialism. We demand liberation and justice for all peoples. We recognize that we live in a capitalist system that favors a select few and oppresses the majority. This system cannot be reformed or voted out of office because reforms and elections do not challenge the fundamental causes of injustice.